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Americans Still Drinking 3 Cups Per Day, But More at Home, NCA Report Shows


Results from a new poll led by the National Coffee Association has shown that the COVID-19 pandemic has not changed the amount of coffee Americans drink.

While regular coffee drinkers are holding steady at about three cups per day, the data showed that home consumption by volume has increased significantly, while 20% fewer Americans are visiting coffee shops.

Polling also showed that while one-third of Americans still “miss visiting” coffee shops, more than half of typical coffee shop visitors have already returned to coffee shops or plan to do so in the next month, offering some hope for the short-term outlook.

“The data shows that coffee remains resilient to even the most difficult challenges,” NCA President and CEO Bill Murray told DCN in a written statement. “Americans are finding ways to enjoy coffee even during this unprecedented pandemic, whether by brewing more at home, visiting shops where they feel safe and comfortable, or taking advantage of ways to order on the go.”

Other preliminary data shared by the group include:

  • App-based ordering, including delivery, jumped up 63% among people who reported drinking coffee within the past week.
  • Drive-through ordering increased 13 percent among people who reported drinking coffee daily.
  • Consumers reported feeling comfortable enough to visit coffee shops when workers wear protective items such as gloves and face coverings (48 percent) while 44% said they are comfortable when face coverings are required for all staff and guests.

The NCA report acts as a kind of addendum to the group’s annual National Coffee Data Trends report, which has highlighted consumer trends since 1950 and this year came out in late March, with data captured prior to the pandemic and its drastic effects on consumer behaviors.

As a membership-based trade organization, the NCA represents many of the largest coffee companies, roasters and green coffee buyers in the United States.

Recent polling from other organizations has suggested that many larger coffee roasters with broader access to things like grocery distribution, e-commerce technology and other direct-to-consumer channels have fared better in the pandemic era, while smaller independent retailers have fared worst.

Like the annual report, this COVID-19 report followed nationally representative polling conducted by market research agency Dig Insights on behalf of the NCA. Access to the full report is only available to NCA members who subscribe to the group’s market research series.

Said the NCA’s Murray, “Our industry is still coping with pandemic challenges, both personal and professional, but it’s great news for all coffee businesses that Americans are committed to their favorite brew.”






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